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Spinning and weaving fabrics made from sustainable materials.

We love our work, and consider weaving to be an art. Meroltex is our group partner responsible for spinning fancy yarns and weaving the designs into apparel and technical performance fabrics.

We are committed to fibers of natural origin and therefore renewable and with a biodegradable end of life. We have reduced the use of non-renewable and non-biodegradable synthetic fibers (polyester and polyamide) to just 5%.


65% of the fibers used by Meroltex are from natural origin (wool, linen and cotton) and 95% of those used in 2019 were from renewable and biodegradable origin.


Our Woven processes are made without hazardous chemicals, using minimal water and energy.

Yarn R&D

Our experience through decades plus our investment in research, allow us to develop the most special and fancy yarns.


Commited to sustainable

Meroltex uses fibers of natural origin, therefore renewable with a biodegradable end of life. Also, we work with recycled fibers reducing the use of oil based fibers, and all the organic and recycled content can be certified.

Mulesing Free Wool

Mulesing is not practiced by any of our growers and because all of our wool can be traced back to the farm it came from, ensuring that our fabrics are 100% mulesing free. Wool is 30% of our fiber volume consumption.

Organic Linen

We have tripled the use of Linen between 2017 and 2019. In addition, 100% of our Linen has the European Flax origin certification and 33% is also organic.

The use of Linen and Cotton accounts for more than 35% of our fibers in 2019

Tencel™ y Ecovero™

Fibers of cellulosic origin account for 30% of our production volume, 84% of which are in their most sustainable and environmentally friendly versions: 67% areTENCEL™. and 17% is viscose ECOVERO™.

Organic Cotton

We prefer the organic cotton, which is offered to all of our clients as a better and most sustainable option. Our organic cotton fabrics can be OCS vertifyed. Yarns are both GOTS or OCS certified.


Econyl™ is made from recycled plastic composite materials such as old fishing nets and plastic waste recovered from the oceans and is a material we use for the technical fabrics of IBQ® Fabrics.


Our quality and sustainability

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