Dyeing and finishing

We guarantee proximity production. The product is monitored at all times, and when arrives at our Dyeing plant, Apreslan, is ready to process it immediately, minimizing delivery times and unnecessary oversizing of the process.
For the preparation of fabrics, we follow the most demanding regulations and certifications, giving the highest priority to the treatment of chemical substances and their optimization. Our innovative washing and preparation process consumes 30% less water than other traditional processes.


For the preparation, we analyse the fabric to adapt the process and achieve low chemicals consumption, through use of advanced technology, which automatically supplies the dyeing and finishing circuits.


Our dyeing plant is adapted for many types of fabrics, consuming 3 times less water than before.

We also invest in R&D to test new dyeing processes, sustainable inks, etc.


We have quality controls in-between each process, reducing production time and non-desired results.


Consumption & Saving

Apreslan is commited to continuosly reduce energy, water and chemical consumption.

Dyeing process

60% of our dyeing process is carried out with low water consumption machines: Dyeing processes with the “cold pad batch” technique and machines with a very low bath ratio.

Water consume reduction

Between 2016 and 2019 we have reduced global water consumption by 14% (consumption per meter of fabric produced).

Recycling water

All our dyeing machines have systems for the use and recovery of water.


12% reduction in gas consumption between 2016 and 2019 (consumption per meter of fabric produced).


9% reduction in consumption between 2016 and 2019 (consumption per meter of fabric produced).

Clean Energy

All the electricity contracted in our manufacturing plants is of renewable origin.


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